Flagship FS2

1 | Charleston Business Development

facilitates the continuous and sustainable growth in wealth and living standards for individuals and communities in the City of Charleston.

2 | Charleston Digital Corridor

is a business development initiative focused on attracting, nurturing and promoting Charleston's knowledge economy.

3 | nFocus

is the leading provider of performance management and outcome measurement software that tracks, measures and analyzes results for the public sector.

4 | Forager Group

are deep domain experts in the Industrial, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Energy, Transportation, and Advanced Manufacturing markets.

5 | ISI Technology

is commercializing their innovative solutions for electric liquid heaters that deliver best-in-class energy, water and space savings.

6 | Zeriscope Systems

Zeriscope Systems is an information technology start-up seeded and supported by Medical University of South Carolina's Foundation for Research & Development.

7 | Available

This office is available. If you are interested, please email info@charlestonflagship.com or call 843.724.3773

8 | Echovate

provides fact based hiring insights for small businesses by leveraging workforce science, predictive analytics and data, to improve the talent selection and people management process.

9 | Occupied

10 | Available

This office is available. Please email info@charletsonflagship.com or call 843.724.3773 if interested in learning more.

11 | The Mighty Shed

specializes in new brands, new products, positioning, identity, digital strategy, content, communication, culture, packaging and video.

12 | Open Source Systems

is a software engineering and cyber security firm dedicated to excellence in software engineering.


is a digital marketing team that delivers branding and strategy, design, web development, video production, social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

A | Conference A

High quality room with A/V and data capability. Can accommodate up to 40 persons. Please email or call 843.579.7508 to reserve.

B | Conference B

High quality room with A/V and data capability. Can accommodate up to 12 persons. Please email or call 843.579.7508 to reserve.

Located in historic downtown Charleston, the Flagship is Charleston’s premier business incubator/co-working office environments. This facility is designed to facilitate the development of Charleston’s knowledge economy by offering early-stage companies high quality, adaptable and cost-efficient office space and conference facilities, while gaining access to the Charleston Digital Corridor’s network of like-minded professionals and resource partners.

Our foremost commitment to companies operating at the Flagship is to create a full-service, professional environment that allows the knowledge-based business owner to focus entirely on developing and growing his respective enterprise. The Flagship offers residents, mostly technology and digital media companies, enterprise-class business services at rates that are cost-effective and terms that are completely flexible.

The Flagship houses the City of Charleston’s Business Development office which includes the nationally recognized Charleston Digital Corridor initiative, the CharlestonWORKS™ portal and the recently launched CODEcamp™ independent learning platofm.  At the Flagship, resident companies have an added advantage of being introduced to top flight professionals, angel investors, venture capitalists and public leaders.

The Flagship is also home to a gallery for Charleston's up-and-coming contemporary artists. Artwork at the gallery is rotated every three months.

The Flagship is made possible by the City of Charleston and is managed by the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation, a 501(c) 6 non-profit corporation.

Due to planned company graduations, there is always office availability.  If you are interested in an office at the Flagship, please email us or call 843.724.3773.